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At Olympia Dental Center it is one of our top priorities to welcome patients like family. We want to welcome them and protect them as valued patients. For this reason our office strives to meet and surpass all OSHA, WISHA and CDC standards. We are confident that you will feel right at home in our office.

Our location is on the Tumwater/Olympia border close to Highway 101 and I-5. This Location is convenient for patients throughout Thurston County to come visit.

We offer implants, Botox, TMJ treatments, restorative fillings, Root canals, dentures, extractions and more.

Our scheduled business hours rotate every other week. We are open 4 days a week. Our schedule is either Monday-Thursday or Tuesday-Friday. 

Olympia Dental Center uses the latest techniques and remains deeply committed to developing new and better ways to protect your teeth and gums.

Our office provides single visit dentistry utilizing our CEREC machine to help reduce your trips to our dental office and provide you with high quality restorations. We would love to be the dental provider for your whole family that you can always trust and feel comfortable with. Learn about what Olympia Dental Center and Dr. Wan can do for you by looking through our website at the services we offer.

Please call our office at (360) 943-4300 with any additional questions or comments you may have.


Routine Exams


During a dental exam, the dentist or hygienist will clean your teeth and check for cavities and gum disease. The exam includes evaluating your risk of developing other oral problems and checking your face, neck and mouth for abnormalities. A dental exam might also include dental X-rays (radiographs) or other diagnostic procedures.

Dental Hygiene


Hygienist start with the cleaning of your teeth. This involves the removal of accumulated plaque and calculus from your teeth with a process known as scaling and root planing. If your teeth are stained, they will be polished. The hygienist might also recommend fluoride treatment to combat decay and decrease sensitivity.

Dental Crowns


Dental crowns are the ideal way to restore the natural appearance of a broken or damaged tooth. We use digital technology to reduce the 'goop' impression. We use digital impressions taken with CAD technology (camera) are stitched together and loaded to our dedicated computer. Dr Wan's team can design your crown while you wait and watch. It will be custom made specifically to fit your tooth. Then skillfully bonded in our office for a long-lasting, beautiful smile. Olympia Dental Center is the name to trust for the highest quality same day dental crowns in Tumwater, WA.

White Fillings


At Olympia Dental Center, we understand that the aesthetic appearance of your mouth can be affected by the discoloration that silver fillings bring. That's why we provide white fillings that match the natural white color of your teeth. The filling will be practically indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Dental X-rays

One of the most important tools a dentist has are dental x-rays. These allow for the early diagnosis of potential threats to your oral health, stopping small problems before they become big conditions. Our state-of-the-art imaging technology allow us to take the highest quality photos possible, revealing the smallest traces of decay, bone loss, or problems inside or around the tooth, all to ensure you receive the most comprehensive dental treatment you need. Olympia Dental Center uses 'Green technology' to ensure the least amount of radiation exposure protecting our patients from unnecessary risks while attaining the clearest diagnosis possible. 



If you are missing teeth, but your jawbone is otherwise strong and healthy, you may be a great candidate for long-lasting, natural looking dental implants. Implants replace a missing tooth and restore the look and functionality of your mouth. They look and feel just like your normal, living teeth, so you can smile brightly and feel confident in your appearance once again.

TMJ Treatment


The Temporo-Mandibular Joint, or TMJ, is the joint that connects your mandible with your temporal skull bones on either side of your head. Issues affecting your TMJ can be responsible for a range of problems you may be experiencing, including inability to fully open your mouth, popping or clicking noises when you speak or chew, bite misalignment, jaw pain, neck pain, headaches, and more. At Olympia Dental Center, we are experts in diagnosing and managing all issues involving the TMJ. Dr Steve Wan has taken extensive training to help relieve and treat cranial-facial pain. He is able to design specific treatment including orthotic device(s), Botox injections, detailed occlusal equilibration 

Laughing Gas

At Olympia Dental Center, we value the comfort of each of our patients while they are in our care. That's why we offer the administration of laughing gas during any of our procedures. Laughing gas is ideal for helping our patients relax in the dentist's chair. It blocks pain and relieves stress, and wears off within five minutes after your treatment is over, so you will not need someone else to drive you home.

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“I have been a patient of Dr Wan for close to 10 years now. Dr Wan stepped up twice now and repaired implant abutments / crowns that I had placed out of country. Cheaper is not better folks. Dr Wan recently placed my 3rd implant and it’s doing awesome. He is a perfectionist, a great humanitarian, and runs a meticulous office staffed by the best professionals available. Dr Wan will remain my go-to dentist for the remainder of my days on this planet. I cannot overstate his abilities. Go see him, you won’t be sorry.”

“Friendly, supportive, shows you costs upfront and works with you. Office is clean and appointment private. Office is easy to get to off freeway just up the hill and handicap assessable. .”

“I have been going to the Olympia Dental Center for 16 years. They are professional, caring, skilled people who genuinely care about their patients. Dr. Wan is an expert who continually takes training and classes to always be on top of the current dental information. I highly recommend them.”


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